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Our Digital Built it activity restarted yesterday. We enjoyed working together and building in the Ashfold Metaverse. Sophia and India are building a home in a cave! @minetestproject @ashfoldschool #creativecomputing

And just like that our website has been updated…embedded twitter feeds, videos explaining how to make games and links to coding tools to help you learn at home during the holidays in between all those mince pies. And Doris too. Boom! Click here: http://www.themrlovell.com/


The first text ever sent said ‘Merry Christmas’.

It was sent by Neil Papworth, a 22-year-old software programmer who had been working as a developer to create a Short Message Service for his client, Vodafone.

🤳 😃 🎄

In our weekly Coding Club, we have been creating ‘lost blazer detectors’ with the BBC Microbit. Students have called them ‘Ashtags’…We are looking forward to testing these out with Year 3 students after half term! @AshfoldSchool @HelloWorld_Edu @microbit_edu

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